I am Rathish Nair from Chennai. I am known as “Ratzz” among my social circles. I am a wanderlust and a biker—a proud member of the Madras Bulls Royal Enfield club.

I don’t make plans; neither do I tour around places. I travel. I explore the remotest villages, mountains, and valleys while making friends along the way.

My bullet is my constant companion, as I discover different pathways to scenic nature and colourful cultures.

My passion for photography and videography comes alive when I capture snapshots and snippets of my journeys. I post them regularly on Instagram.

What beautiful is a soul if it is not drenched in music? Music is the food for my soul. I uncover Indie bands at offbeat places and relish their sounds while I globe-trot every year.

Yellow Casette is my memoir and a space to share all my discoveries and creations with you.

Come have a ride with me…